SDS-max Carbide core bit; 3 1 / 2" (90mm)
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SDS-max Carbide core bit; 3 1 / 2" (90mm)

Product Code: D-300M03 1/2

While using powerful percussion hammer drills, one needs to :
• Avoid empty hammering (when only the centering bit is in the material, and not yet the core bit); that makes it necessary to pre-drill with the centering bit alone.
• When the core bit is assembled; lock it on the taper of the core bit adapter.
• Always start drilling with the core bit using the centering bit positioned in the pre-drilled hole.
• Remove the centering bit as soon as it is no longer necessary (i.e. as soon as the core bit comes into play).
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• Strengthness and efficiency for sanitary heavy work and renovation.
• For all type of drill hammers with power of more than 950W.
• Cone-shaped shank.
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