SDS-max SPEEDUSTER646 drill bit, 5 / 8 x 24(16''utile)
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SDS-max SPEEDUSTER646 drill bit, 5 / 8 x 24(16''utile)

Product Code: D-161U 5/8x24

Reinforced concrete, concrete, stone, masonry blocks, brick, lime, retroactive rebar connection : in structural
parts (bridges, tunnels, frame renovation or improvement), drilling in clean rooms, hospitals, laboratories…
• 2 wide holes for sucking up the dust.
• Vacuum cleaner connection sleeve.
• Head Massive system, 100% carbure, 10 cutters.
• Centering point.
• Reduced drill bit body with center drilling guide.
• SDS-max and SDS-plus attachment compatible.
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• Work without dust.
• Operators work without risk for their health.
• Drilling and cleaning of the holes and cleaning of the worksite in only one step.
• Time saving on drilling, fastening, worksite cleaning for a better profitability.
• Very strong fastening resistance.
• The dust evacuation during drilling improves drill bit lifetime.