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About CM

About CM...

CM Equip is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment and products for construction and renovation industries.

We supply directly to tools and equipment rentals stores across all Canada.


Our company was founded in 1996 by Dr. Long Zhang right after graduating from his metallurgy PHD from Laval university in Quebec city.


CM stand for Cryo-Metal who is referred to the metallurgic technic to deep freeze steel (-300F/-140C) instead of oil dipping.

This Cryo-genic treatment allow steel grains to be more durable with a better lifespan than regular steel.



Long's academic expertise allowed CM to product high quality diamond core bits and blades. Keeping in mind the objective to simplify customers transactions, we started to offer

a multitude of products under the same roof  thus quickly became an indispensable venue for rentals industry store



The company started small with some products but today, 25 years later, CM counts almost 5000 parts and products with over 30 products line.

CM is always looking for new dynamic products to introduce to our customers.


With all these new products, we were starting to feel a bit cramped in our previous facilities in Pointe-Claire(west Montreal) and we moved to Laval in fall 2020.

Now, our new facilities are over 20 000 sft with 3 sections of products and 1 section for sanding paper production.




CM Equip Laval facility video tour



Supplier of the year (Quebec) – 2004. Handed by l’association de location du Québec (ALQ) (Qc rental association)

Supplier of the year (Canada) – 2006. Handed by the rental association of Canada (RAC)

Supplier of the year (Quebec) – 2010. Handed by l’association de location du Québec (ALQ) (Qc rental association)

Best Kiosque of the Quebexpo – 2013 (ALQ)

Best Kiosque of the Quebexpo – 2017 (ALQ)

Quebexpo 2018


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